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Anvarul Islam Women's Arabic College

Anvarul Islam Women’s Arabic College Mongam, by covering half decades of its service in Higher education, focusing on the up-liftment of poor and destitute girl students, the college managed by Kerala Jam-Iyyathul Ulama (Regd.) is marching ahead with great hope and anticipation.

This pioneer institution is situated in the serene ambience of the nature. We welcome you all to join us in the exploration of the possibilities in the realms of innovative education and to dedicate the esteemed contributions and prayers to motivate our steps forwarded by enhancing the prestige of the college and leading it to the peak of glory and dignity.
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Vision & Mission

To become a centre of excellence by adopting holistic approach to build an egalitarian society through women’s education and empowerment.

Imparting holistic and man-making education with emphasis on character, culture and value- moral and ethical.

Designing the curriculum and offering courses that transform the students into valuable, skilled human resources.

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Governing Body

The Kerala Jamiathul Ulema(Regd) (Ahlussunnathi Val Jama-ath Ulema Sangham) is the first Ulama (Religious Scholars) organization in Kerala followed by Kerala Muslim Aikya Sangham, formed in the year of 1924 in a meeting held at Aluway under the leadership of K.M. Moulavi, E.K.Moulavi and M.C.C. Brothers.
It guides the Muslim Community of Kerala to the educational cultural and moral scenario in order to eradicate superstitious believes for the success in both life

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Amenities @ AIWA

The college imparts quality higher education in Arabic language and literature along with modern secular education to the large number of students all over the country and NRIs. The Academic programmes offering by the college are under-graduate and post graduate level. The college is proud of its Alumni who are now rendering their service in the higher positions both in and out side of the country.

To give computer awareness and the basic knowledge of information technology to the students we have arranged a large computer lab consisting 50 computers. Primarily it is intended to equip the students to exploit the vast knowledge of web world in their studies and to prepare their study matters and dissertations with computer systems.
In addition to this, the computer knowledge and training may help the students to get good posting in their career.  
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